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Friday, May 26, 2017

Scooter Board Activities By Trisha Roberts

A scooter board is an excellent toy for promoting exercise.  It is fun!  It is versatile! Activities can be done individually, in teams, racing against individuals, or timed. A scooter board is light weight and portable. It can be used inside or outside on a smooth surface.

Scooter Board activities are great for strengthening and motor planning!

Get a Scooter Board today!  Build Strength!  Improve Motor Planning!     Have Fun!


  • Improved core (trunk) strength
  • Improved leg strength
  • Improved arm strength
  • Increases endurance
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Improved Motor Planning Skills

Some ways to use a scooter board:

  • Sitting, using heels to propel forward
  • Sitting, using heels to push backward
  • On Tummy (Prone), using arms to advance
  • On Tummy (Prone), using arms and legs to advance
  • Using 2 inexpensive (clean!) plungers to move forward in sitting or prone
Obstacle course on scooter board

  • Obstacle course
  • Place blocks or other small toys on one end of the room and a container on the other end.  Have child race on scooter to pick up the toys one at a time and place them in the container.
Scooter Board ideas

  • Place a coloring sheet or puzzle on the floor.  Scatter crayons/markers/puzzle pieces around the room and have your child maneuver the scooter board to get the next colored marker or the next piece for the puzzle.
Scooter Board and Puzzle assembly

  • “Body Bowling”—set up stuffed animals, small boxes, stacked blocks, etc. on one end of the room and have child zoom down and knock them over.
  • Scooter board soccer—have 1 or more children sitting on scooter boards and kicking a ball toward a goal (2 chairs 3-4 feet apart, a large card board box on its side, etc.)
  • Have child hold a hula hoop or the end of a rope (tying a knot in it will help them get a better grip) and then pull them around the room.
Rope pull on scooter board

  • Tie a long rope to a door knob and have the child pull themselves hand over hand along the rope.
  • Have the child draw a line (zig zag, square, circle, etc.) on the sidewalk or driveway and then scooter board around the form or line.
  • Place 4 or more pool noodles in parallel, spaced 3-4 feet apart.  Have child “drive” down each lane, executing the turns without touching the pool noodles.
  • Use a pool noodle to bat a ball or balloon from one end of the room to the other—fun for one and exciting for several children!
  • Incorporate some imaginary play!  Pretend your child is running errands and the scooter board is their car.  Where do they need to go?  What will they bring home in the “trunk” of the car?

Fun on a scooter board

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  1. Such a big variety of activities! I cannot even imagine that there are so many things to do with my child. When my son was younger we didn't have a board scooter,but we had a nice play yard where he safely spent his time while playing. There are a lot of information about them