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Friday, February 3, 2017

Winter Picnic! by Trisha Roberts

Everyone loves a picnic, but who says that it can only occur in the summer!  Why not perk up the bleary days with a Winter Picnic?! Invite the neighbors or other friends.  Lay a large table cloth or blanket on the living room floor, set up a beach umbrella, or bring some folder chairs inside. Let the children draw pictures of the sun or a summer activity to hang around the room.

Plan a Menu:  

Enlist the help of your children to plan a healthy menu and enjoy making and assembling special treats together. Finger foods are great and easy to serve. Use a cookie cutter to make fun-shaped sandwiches. Slice fruit into small pieces.  Make hard boiled eggs into exciting shapes with our Star Wars Boiled Egg Shapers . Stuff celery with peanut butter or a soft cheese and cut into bite-sized pieces.  How about skewering mini sausage links or cut-up hot dogs alternating with cubes of cheese?  Be creative!

Egg Shaper Fun

Fun Peanut Butter Celery BitesKids Sandwiches in Shapes made from cookie cutters

Plan an Activity or Game:

Animal”:  Sit in a large circle and let each person choose an animal name.  Make sure that everyone knows their name and the name of each player.  Take a cardboard roll from wrapping paper or make a long roll from newspaper and masking tape. Choose a person to be “IT”.  IT will stand in the middle of the circle with the paper tube and approach a person.  Before IT can tap the person, they need to say the name of one of the animals.  IT will then rush over to tap that person.  If IT taps a person before they can say the name of one of the other players, that person then becomes IT.  This is a great game to build memory, laughs, and energize your kids!

Empty wrapping paper tube--use to play games

Herd the Cattle”: Let the children crumble sheets of paper into balls—this is a great exercise for building hand strength!  Place 10 or more balls on a line on one end of the room.  Let children take turns “herding” the cows to the other side of the room by kicking them.  Time each child to see who is the best cattle rustler!  Make it fun by having the kicker “moo” each time he kicks a “cow” forward.

Herd the "Cattle"--Crumpled Paper Balls

"Build Your Own Birdhouse":  Why not get a jump start on Spring by building your own birdhouse?!  Your children will have double the fun--building the house and enjoying the birds that will come!

Birdhouse to build

"Snow Globe":  There are great ideas on Pinterest and other sites for making Snow Globes out of plastic plates!  Enjoy a fun snow activity while staying warm and dry!

Snow Globe Project for Children

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