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Friday, February 17, 2017

Dance Night by Trisha Roberts

Children learn to move to music at an early age

Our bodies were designed for movement.  We love music and rhythm—put on a lively song and watch everyone in the room.  Soon you will see feet tapping, fingers drumming to the beat, heads bobbing in time to the music. 

Dancing is a great way to get exercise, improve coordination, improve imitation skills, boost confidence, improve balance, and a great form of self-expression.  People who dance usually have a good self-image and handle themselves confidently in a group of people.  They tend to lead rather than follow.

Family Dancing Together

Girl and Dad Dancing A fun, entertaining, educational thing to institute for all families is a “Dance Night”.  Make it a consistent date—every Friday night, let’s say.  Maybe combine it with Pizza Night. Make it something everyone looks forward to.  Push the furniture to the sides of the Family Room, put on the music and encourage everyone to dance.  Try a "themed" night-- feature Big Band Music from the 1940’s, Country Western, Hip Hop, Latin American Salsa, a 1950’s Sock Hop, or show case music from famous movies or musicals.  The possibilities are endless.  Dance individually.  Dance as partners.  Do a Line Dance.  Learn a Square Dance.  Let each family member teach a new dance step—make them up if you don’t know one.  When children are older let them invite a friend or 2 over for dinner and the Dance Night. Have a friendly "Family Dance Off" competition.

Dancing Princess
Your house will soon be the center of your child’s social world (and you will know who your child’s friends are and exactly what they are doing on a Friday night!)  You will be known as the “Cool Parents”.

Dancing Boy  Children have no self-consciousness about dancing to music (or singing out loud, or pretend play or a host of other things!) until someone makes fun of them or belittles them. Don’t ever laugh at a child’s attempts to dance!

Encourage them, imitate their moves, cheer their creativity, make it fun!

Babies Love to Dance

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