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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tips from The Therapist: Parmesan Cheese Container Activity by Trisha Roberts

Cheese Container activity

This is one of the great activities from my new DVD Video entitled, 

"Purposeful, Practical Play",

 that is scheduled to be released in September 2016.  This is an easy activity to make from things found in the home.  It can be used to address many different areas of development--                              and it's FUN!!!  

Preparation:  Empty a Parmesan Cheese container, remove the label and wash thoroughly.  Cut colored plastic straws to fit into the container (20-30 usually work well).

Activity using Parmesan Chees Container

Parmesan Cheese Container and Straws Games and ActivitiesFun Games using an empty Parmesan Chees container



·        Gross Motor
o   Strew the straws all over the floor.  Have children squat to pick up the straws and put into the container. (Squat to stand strengthening)
o   Hold the container at different heights so that the child has to reach up overhead, reach up on tip toes, reach and rotate to one side or the other, or reach down. (Strengthening, core control, balance)
o   Have the child sit and then strew the straws to one side of the child and place the container on the opposite side.  Ask the child to put the straws into the container. (Strengthening, crossing midline, trunk rotation, sitting balance)

    Fine Motor
o   Pick up straws one at a time with thumb and index finger. (Pincer grasp)
o   Turn straw and insert into large hole or small hole. (Wrist rotation, release, perceptual motor, eye-hand coordination)

·       Language
o   Count the straws when inserting into the container. (Numbers, counting)
o   Name the colors when inserting into the container. (Colors)
o   Put 3 different colored straws on the floor.  Ask your child to pick up and put a specific color into the container.  When they can do this well, give them a sequence of 2 or 3 colors to put into the container in order. “Put in the red straw, the green straw and then the yellow straw.  Red, green and then yellow”.  (Sequencing, following directions)

·       Cognitive
o   Ask questions like, “What color is this straw?” (Answering questions)
o   Put 3 straws into the container. (Numbers, counting)
o   Put 1 more into the container. (Concept of addition)
o   "If we put 1 straw and then 2 straws into the container, how many do we have in the container?" (Addition)

 If you liked this idea, let me know!  You can pre-order my new DVD, "Purposeful, Practical Play" on my website.

Author:  Trisha Roberts

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