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Friday, August 12, 2016

Expert Round-Up: Angela Bauer with Toys for Teaching Guided Math Concepts by Trisha Roberts

Games and Activities from ProEducationalToys Appropriate for Guided Math Stations

 Guided Math Expert Angela Bauer 
As children are returning to school, parents are asking, "How can I help my child succeed?"  Teachers are asking, "How can I teach math skills more sucessfully?"

Angela Bauer, author of Guided Math: The First 25 Days, was interviewed and featured on our blog several weeks ago on July 4, 2016.

I approached her with a request for suggestions for Math Activity Centers and resources for parents to reinforce skills at home.  These are her recommendations:

Kids Tools Screw Block:  This would be a great activity for teaching and practicing problem solving, perseverance, Fine Motor Skills.  Teachers:  This would be for an Engaged Math Activity Center.
Activities for Improving Problem Solving
Screw Block

Barnyard Boxes Fun:  I’m excited about the Barnyard Box activity because I would put it in a Guided Math Center that practices counting, one-to-one correspondence and review of skills.  These are Math Common-Core State Standards for Kindergarten Math Skills. Parents:  This is a great one-on-one activity that you can do with your child to improve their math and language skills!

Math and Cognitive Skills Activity
Barnyard Activity Boxes

Puzzle Board—Geometric Shapes:  This activity would fit into a Skills Review Station after teachers have taught shapes and colors, this activity would help students practice the skill until they have mastery.  These are puzzles that will build cognitive skills, fine motor skills, and language skills as well as improving attention span!

Geometric Shape Puzzle
Geometric Shape Puzzle

Power Clix This activity would be great for upper elementary-aged students in the Skills Review Station.  Students could build 3-D solid figures and even estimate mass and volume.  It is a tremendously engaging toy that can be used in many different ways.  Teachers and parents will love it almost as much as their kids!
Build Math skills with this Power Clix Set
Power Clix Set

Squishy Toys These are great toys to help calm children.  When I have students who are stressing over learning difficult concepts or something new, I frequently use a sensory toy like these to reduce stress and quiet their bodies.

Nemo Squishy Toy for Tactile Stimulation
Nemo Squishy Toy

Tactile Toy Hulk for Sensory Issues in Children
Hulk Squishy Toy
Tactile Toys--Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Squishy Toy

Have a great school year!  Start it off right by getting and staying involved with your children's learning.  A few minutes each day of engaging with them in educational play will reap many rewards!

You can learn more about Angela and Guided Math Here.

Author:  Trisha Roberts
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