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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Travel Toys for Vacations with Kids by Trisha Roberts

Road Trip With Kids

Summer Vacation is almost here!  

Have you started your Vacation


by Trisha Roberts

Many families will soon be hitting the road for recreation and leisure. As I discussed in my blog article, “Road Trip with Kids—‘Oh, No!’ or ‘I’ve Got this’” on March 13, 2016, Traveling with children can be a challenge. This week I’d like to feature several Travel Toys from our retail site, that will make your Vacation Days even better!  Remember that time in the car is part of the Vacation--make it count! 

Car Trip with Kids
Make Your Road Trip with Kids Great This Year!

Vacation Essentials include packing the right toys!  Unique Travel Toys can make the difference between Terror and Tranquility on your Road Trip with Kids!  Many parents fall into the trap of lulling their children into silence by playing an endless cycle of videos in the car.  I’m not saying that videos should never be used, but there are so many other things that can be used for entertainment and promote learning at the same time. 

I highly recommend our Travel Toys Surprise Packs for Girls and Boys

Girls Vacation Surprise Pack
Travel Surprise Package--Girl
Travel Surprise Pack for Boys
Vacation Surprise Package--Boy

Each package contains 8 wrapped toys or activities appropriate for play in a vehicle. I personally have used these with my children and found them to be invaluable!  Each child was allowed to choose and open one gift every hour of the trip.  They loved opening the surprise gift and then playing with it for the next hour.  I added a few extras to the Travel Package, like a juice box, animal crackers or package of gum, to stave off hunger and add variety.

I LOVE the fact that the Vacation Surprise Packages are pre-wrapped!  All the work is done! (And who needs more work preparing for Vacation?!?)  The package comes ready to throw in the car!  Mom Scores!  Kids are Happy!  Kids are Learning and Playing!


Another of our great Travel Toys is our line of Read Along Books

Travel Toy Read Along Book Frozen
A Great Way to Stimulate a Love for Reading!

Read Along Book for Travel in a Car
Lion King Read Along Book
These are wonderful Reading Tools for Kids that educate and entertain.  Children follow along word for word in each book to familiar stories as they are narrated and accompanied by sound effects and songs.  Your child is prompted to turn the page at the sound of the Chime. These are Great Language Toys that stimulate an interest in reading for young children and improve the reading skills of older children.

Read Along Books are a phenomenal way to encourage a love for 

books and reading!

CD Player for Car Travel
Portable CD Player

Headphones for Kids
Volume-Limiting Headphones

We also offer an affordable, portable CD Player and several different styles of  volume-limiting headphones specifically designed for children.

Have a Great Summer Vacation! 

Make it a Vacation to Remember! 

Please comment and leave tips on how YOU make your Vacation Special for Kids!

Author:  Trisha Roberts

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