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Friday, October 13, 2017

Toys that Help Children Develop Creativity By Trisha Roberts

Not all toys are created equal.  As a Physical Therapist, mother and now grandmother, I am always looking for toys that stimulate and foster creativity. I love toys that make kids think…that let kids explore…that encourage an adventure…that involve more than, “push this button and get the standard response”! Children absorb so much from their environment—make it rich in learning opportunities. 

 Make learning fun!

Construction toys like blocks, Legos, Lincoln Logs, and Erector Sets allow children’s imaginations to run wild as well as develop good Fine Motor, Cognitive and Perceptual Motor Skills.
Power Clix Set

Crayons, Play Doh, Markers, Finger Paint, Colored Pencils, Stencils, and other art mediums encourage children to express themselves artistically while exploring colors, shapes and textures.

Doodle Roll

Musical Instruments, whether home-made or bought, permit and inspire children to explore the world of sound, melody, harmony and dissonance.

Microscopes, telescopes, and chemistry sets arouse curiosity and motivate children to discover, unearth, and investigate.  They open up whole new worlds to be explored and researched.


Card games, board games, and word puzzles develop thinking, strategy, and inter-personal skills that help develop an effective approach to tackling and solving problems.

Guess Who?

There are multitudes of companies and stores vying for your dollar.  Think about what to buy your child that will have lasting value in the aptitudes, competencies and abilities that toy may help to cultivate. Amplify your child’s knowledge by providing tools that will expand their thinking and promote an atmosphere of adventure and discovery in your home.  Encourage a questing spirit. Laud and applaud their creations. Encourage a lifetime journey of growth and learning!

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