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Friday, September 22, 2017

Sensory Toys
By Trisha Roberts

Sensory Toys, as their name implies, stimulate the senses. Young infants love toys with lights, music and sounds.  Toys that move, like mobiles and suspended toys, encourage ocular movement and improve vision. Toys with textured surfaces and varied shapes teach children about the world around them.
All toys are stimulating in one way or another, but Sensory Toys as a category have come to refer to a set of toys that are more therapeutic in nature. Children with Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) frequently need specific stimulation in order to calm themselves.  Tactile Toys like our Squishy Nemo or Squishy Stretchable Hulk can help a child de-stress when learning a new skill.  (Remember using a Stress Ball?)

Squishy, Stretchy Spiderman toy can help kids stay focused in classroomSquishy Hello KittySensory Hulk Toys   


Occupational Therapists will often prescribe a “Sensory Diet” for children with Autism or Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) that may include textured toys along with a variety of exercises and activities.  ***See our 4-Part Blog Series on SensoryProcessing Disorder*** The use of tactile toys can be a positive, helpful support in the classroom, allowing children to attend and focus on instructions and learning.

Sensory toys can provide the particular sensory input that many children with autism crave.

Some sensory toys are also excellent fidget toys that can improve focus, concentration, and attention to task in children with ADHD and others who need to keep their hands busy in order to listen and attend.

This week we feature our Sensory-Tactile Toy Packageconsisting of 7 different toys that your child with autism or ADHD may find engaging and calming. These can be helpful for sensory cravers and those with sensory challenges.

7 Sensory Toys to delight your child!

Sensory Toy Package

Stretchy Squishy Frog

Stretchy Tactile toys

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