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Friday, August 11, 2017

Featured Products: Velcro Mitt and Ball By Trisha Roberts

Velcro ball throw and catch

Teaching children to throw and catch a ball is an important skill.  Young children are able to perform a “forward fling” at 1 year of age and a true overhand throw between 1 ½ year to 2 years old with accuracy and distance increasing with age. (See our 3-Part article on the Development of Ball Skills in Children)

A great activity to improve and augment children’s throwing and catching abilities is a Velcro Mitt and Ball.  

Children can use the velcro ball and mitt to catch and toss indoors or outdoors. It is very portable and can be taken to the backyard, porch, beach, camping trip or park.  The velcro surfaces of the ball and mitt make catching easy for the beginning catcher and still very enjoyable for more advanced ball players.  Practice throwing and catching improves Gross Motor Skills and Eye-Hand Coordination; the resistance of the velcro can strengthen the small muscles in the hand which can lead to better fine motor skills like writing and cutting with scissors. 

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