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Friday, July 7, 2017

20 Things Parents Teach that Can Have Positive Outcomes in their Children’s Lives By Trisha Roberts

Every parent would say that they want their children to succeed in life.  Being intentional in teaching children a variety of virtues can help children grow into adults that are well-respected, well-rounded and fulfilled.

Here's my list of qualities and attributes that I think every parent, grandparent, teacher and care provider should help develop in the kids they influence:

  • Show and communicate Love
  • Teach Kindness
Children who are given love and share love are better prepared adults

  • The worth of friendship—making good friends and being a good friend
Parents that teach their children to develop good friendships help their kids grow

  • Teach them the value of work hard
  • The balance of play and work
  • The value of family
A family is valuable and should be treasured

  • Forgiveness
  • Willingness to accept blame, and acknowledge fault
  • Compassion
  • To have a curiosity about life—to love learning
  • Let them fail and learn from their failures
  • Instill moral values
  • To make wise choices and to understand consequences
  • Teach Spiritual Truth--Help them see that they were created for a purpose and to know The Creator.
  • Teach Manners
Parents should teach kids good manners

  • Teach them gratitude/thankfulness/appreciation
  • Teach them humility
  • Respect
  •  Honesty
  •  How to manage money wisely

Model, not just mouth.  Teaching involves more than just talking.  Teach truth by example.  If you say you value kindness, show kindness.  If you want to instill manners in your children, consistently demonstrate good manners. Pattern a lifestyle of the values you would love to see in your adult children.

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  1. hey Trisha
    I appreciate with your thinking about children's education and respect it also and my appeal with all parents please read this blog and remember it that your children make these things as a part of life and succeed in every situation.

  2. AS a baby sleep consultant at we really appreciate what you do here! Proeducational toys is great! :)