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Friday, April 21, 2017

Featured Products: Bocce Ball By Trisha Roberts

Bocce Ball (or Bocci Ball) is a fantastic outdoor game originating in Italy that has been played for generations.  It is a very simple game that can provide fun for the entire family--from young children to teenagers, adults, and elderly.  

In the traditional form of the game, the game is played on natural soil and asphalt courts that measure 90 feet in length and about 13 feet wide, but a relaxed game of Bocce can be played anywhere there is an outdoor open space.  It can be played at the beach, in a park, in the school yard, or in a backyard.  Take it on vacation,  a camping trip, or use it as part of the entertainment for a family reunion, birthday party or graduation party.  It can be played by 2-8 players at a time.

Bocce is a strategy game that resembles lawn bowling.  The game starts by throwing the small “Pallino” ball into the playing field. Each player then tries to throw their larger ball as close to the Pallino ball as possible.  Points are scored by the player whose ball is the closest.

Children 3 years and older can easily participate in this game.  Bocce is easy to learn and can help children improve Gross Motor Skills, strength, Perceptual Motor Skills, motor planning, strategy, and throwing skills.  It is small and portable—keep it in the trunk of your car for spontaneous games wherever you go!

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