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Friday, November 4, 2016

An Interview of Shannon Dixon and Simply Merino by Trisha Roberts

I love to feature anything about play.  The following interview highlights a great company with a passion for creating comfortable sleepwear, thermals and play-clothes for babies and children up to age 12.

Interview with Shannon Dixon, Co-Owner of Simply Merino

Simply Merino Wool Play Clothes for Kids
ProEd Toys: Tell us about yourself

Simply Merino: I am a mom of a toddler (Jack), teacher and business owner.  I am extremely busy, but I love what I do.

ProEd Toys: What was the inspiration behind starting Simply Merino?

Simply Merino: We essentially wanted to make kids pajamas that were 100% organic without using a fire retardant chemical.  It is mandatory to have some kind of chemical to resist fires in kids pajamas up to age 14.  These chemicals are not regulated, and therefore could possibly harm your child without you knowing it.  Merino wool is naturally fire retardant, so there is no need for any chemicals, which helps both parents and kids sleep better.

Simply Merino for Babies

ProEd Toys: What makes you laugh?

Simply Merino: Jack  for sure….he is so funny!

ProEd Toys: What makes you cry?

Simply Merino: I am quite the cry baby, and can cry at about anything.  What really hurts my soul is whenever my family cries.

ProEd Toys: What is your passion?

Simply Merino: Since I was a little girl my passion has always been travelling.  I find it incredibly fulfilling learning about different cultures and seeing life outside of our Canadian bubble.  I also really love eating, and love eating my way through countries.

ProEd Toys: What would you like etched on your tombstone?

Simply Merino: A loving mom, wife and person.  She made everyone smile, and was always passionate about life.

ProEd Toys: Which products do you love to promote?

Simply Merino: Anything local, sustainable, and is essential in one’s life.  I am not a huge fan of trendy companies.  I am a fan of companies who try to give back, and have a strong message behind their product.

ProEd Toys: What is the best compliment you have ever received?

Simply Merino: Who doesn’t like getting a compliment?  I think the best compliment is when I receive a review of our product that touches my heart.  I love when customers write that their child never takes their Simply Merino clothes off, and therefore must have a few different colors of the same product. 

ProEd Toys: What inspires you on a daily basis?

Simply Merino: My son Jack and my husband.  My husband works incredibly hard to try to make our life comfortable.  My son inspires me to work hard and be successful for him.  I am also inspired by all of the mom bosses I know who juggle numerous kids while running a business.

ProEd Toys: How does your product help children and families?  
Thermals by Simply Merino

Simply Merino: Great question! Simply Merino specializes in sleep and play wear for babies and kids up to age 12.  We use 100% New Zealand merino wool, which is sustainable, organic, and biodegradable.  Our environmental footprint is very small as we manufacture everything locally in Vancouver, Canada.  Studies have shown that Merino wool enhances sleep, and therefore helps the whole family feel more rested. 

ProEd Toys: What is the one accomplishment of which you are most proud?

Simply Merino: Owning a successful business that I am proud of.  Life as a mom, wife and business owner is incredibly busy, but I am incredibly passionate about educating others about the importance of Merino wool. 

ProEd Toys: What unique talents do you think you have?

Simply Merino: I think that I am funny and I can move my ears.

ProEd Toys: What matters to you?

Simply Merino: Honesty and empathy. 

ProEd Toys: If you had one word or phrase to describe yourself, what would it be?

Simply Merino: Grateful!

ProEd Toys: What is it about your business that makes you the most excited?

Simply Merino: Our products.  We have such beautiful colors, and they are all made incredibly well. I just love wrapping my arms around my toddler who is always wearing Simply Merino, as it is so incredibly soft and huggable.

ProEd Toys: What is the best decision you have ever made?

Simply Merino: To quit my job and sail the South Pacific for 5 months.  It was an experience that I thought I would never have, and it has changed my life forever.

ProEd Toys: What are some of the benefits of Merino Wool?

Simply Merino:

Temperature regulation: Merino wool is breathable and moisture-wicking, creating a temperature-controlled cocoon around your child.
Reduce incidence of SIDS: The moisture absorption and temperature regulating properties of merino wool has been shown to decrease the potential of SIDS in sleeping babies.
Naturally fire-resistant: Merino wool fibers are not treated with chemical flame retardants and instead, merino wool has natural fire-resistant properties to prevent risk of injury.
Hypoallergenic: Merino wool is static-resistant, attracting fewer dust particles and lint, making it ideal for babies and children with allergies.
Naturally durable: Merino wool fibers can be bent up to 30,000 times without breaking, standing up to repeat washings without looking faded or worn out.
Odorless and stain-resistant: Merino wool is naturally odor-free and stain-resistant for easy clean up when things get a bit messy.
Non-itchy and super soft: The true comfort of Merino wool is due to the small diameter of Merino fibers. This eliminates itchiness or prickling sensations against sensitive young skin.
Chemical-free and eco-friendly: Merino wool is renewable and requires zero pesticides because sheep are able to graze on a variety of grasses and other plants. The growing is fully sustainable and fair trade, and no chemicals are used before, after or during the manufacturing process.

ProEd Toys: How can people find out more about your products?  

Simply Merino: By visiting our website at:

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