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Friday, September 23, 2016

3 New Videos for Parents and Therapists

3 New DVDs are Now Available for Parents and Therapists of Young Children

Play should be educational as well as fun! Children learn about their bodies, about life, about their world, and how things work by playing.  Playing with your child can be one of the most rewarding and fruitful things you can do.  Trisha Roberts, Early Intervention Physical Therapist presents fun, practical activities for children birth to three years old that teach early gross motor skills.

Drawing from her many years of experience, she shows how to use common items around the house or inexpensive items purchased in department stores or dollar stores to enhance to development of young children.  The segments on these video demonstrate fun activities designed to improve strength, balance, posture, and to advance the gross motor skills of infants through three years old. Video DVDs or Downloads can be purchased at:

Here are 3 Video Preview Clips to enjoy:

                                             Innovative Inexpensive Ideas and Activities                                                                                                   (Specifically for Parents)

                                                             Practical Purposeful Play
                                                         (For Therapists and Parents)


                                                   Practical Purposeful Play--Part 2
                                                     (For Therapists and Parents)

Video DVDs or Downloads can be purchased at:

Author:  Trisha Roberts

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