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Monday, July 4, 2016

Interview of Angela Bauer, Guided Math Expert by Trisha Roberts

Guided Math Expert Angela Bauer
Angela Bauer, Guided Math Expert
Interviewed by Trisha Roberts, Pediatric Physical Therapist, Early Intervention Specialist, Founder of Pro Educational Toys , and Blogger of parenting tips, educational information and toy reviews.
ProEdToys:  Tell us about yourself, Angela Bauer.
Guided Math Instruction book by Angela BauerAngela:  My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Science in Education from Indiana University and my Master’s Degree is in Elementary Education from Indiana Wesleyan University. I have taught for 20 years Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, been an adjunct professor at Indiana University Education Department, owned and operated a daycare/preschool for five years, created a professional development training program for K-8th grade teachers called Guided Math, am a mother of 2 and a military wife.  I previously presented for National Business Institute for 2 math teacher workshops.  I authored a book entitled, “Guided Math:  First 25 Days.” I believe that play is necessary to learn math concepts and skills.
ProEdToys:  What makes you laugh?
Angela:  I love to see 3-year olds laughing out loud.  I am thrilled when my students are playing math games and having fun manipulating math for the first time.  And I LOVE a good Minion joke!!
ProEdToys:  What is your passion?
Angela:  Teaching people to love life and to see the blessings that God has provided.
Angela Bauer Teaching Guided MathProEdToys:  What makes you cry?     
Angela:  I cry when students by 4th grade feel that they can’t do math.  I want them to realize that, not only can they do math, they can have fun with math and do it well!           
ProEdToys:  What was the inspiration behind creating your Guided Math Program?
Angela:  Basically, it was to meet the needs of all of the students in my class.  I do this by setting up four stations in the classroom; one station or center with the teacher for direct instruction and the other three stations are games where children can investigate math concepts through play. The small group that meets at the instructor’s station is a homogenous group of students with similar skills, abilities, and needs.
ProEdToys:  What makes your Guided Math Program unique?

Guided Math Activity by Angela BauerGuided Math Center with Angela BauerAngela:  My program is totally reproducible, meaning since I still teach, I know the challenges that teachers need to overcome in order to implement a program like this.  It is not just theory, it is practical application.  We discuss how to plan for your groups.  I show examples of engaged math activities.  We look at examples on my Pinterest Boards of math games and resources on my Guided Math Website. I provide schedules so no one has to re-create anything.  We discuss the process of teaching students the correct behaviors in guided groups so that they can think mathematically and be successful when playing the games. I even give tips on grading so that you don’t feel like you are pulling out your hair!
ProEdToys:  What do you hope teachers/parents will take away from your course?
Angela:  A new-found passion for meeting the needs of their kids.  A complete understanding that teaching guided math IS Do-able!
ProEdToys:  What is one of your favorite activities for teaching math?
Angela:  I love Dice Activities for Math by Didax.  They have an entire series of games for teaching a variety of concepts like multiplication, subtraction, and mathematical thinking.
Didax book Activities for Math has a great product as well. I like the Geometric Shape puzzle.  This math sensory game would fit well into a PreK-Kindergarten Skills Review Guided Math station to teach the concepts of shapes, colors, and sizes. Geometric Shape Puzzle

ProEdToys:  What is the one accomplishment of which you are most proud?
Angela:  I can honestly say, that when each of my students leaves my classroom, they have grown as a person first and a student second.
ProEdToys:  What is it about your business that makes you most excited?
Angela:  After a 6-hour seminar to have teachers approach me or email me weeks afterward and say, “I can do Guided Math!  My students are learning and loving math now.”
For more information on Guided Math, upcoming Guided Math workshops, or hosting a Guided Math professional development at your district, visit Guided Math with Angela Bauer.

Interview by Trisha Roberts,
Founder of ProEducationalToys
ProEducationalToys Founder, Trisha Roberts

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