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Friday, March 17, 2017

Interview with FuelBaby, The Ultimate Baby Bottle By Trisha Roberts

I  recently discovered Fuel Baby, a uniquely designed baby bottle for busy moms.  Their product is cutting edge and may interest some of you. Here is an interview of the inventor, Angelo Giuliano.

ProEducationToys:  Tell us about yourself.  

Fuel Baby:   I am a Swiss-Italian passionate about innovation, yoga, wellness, nutrition, nature.

ProEducationToys:  What was the inspiration behind starting FuelBaby?

Fuel Baby:   It started with talking to mothers and by understanding their daily challenges. At Fuelbaby, we strive to provide parents and children with safe, easy-to-use products that will make the typical day-to-day a little less chaotic. With our first product, the Fuelbaby bottle, we hope to save you time, bring comfort to your baby, and keep you ready for anything.

ProEducationToys:  What makes you laugh?

Fuel Baby:   Silly situations

ProEducationToys:  What makes you cry?

Fuel Baby:   Happiness makes me cry.
ProEducationToys:  What is your passion?

Fuel Baby:   Yoga, meditation, innovation, wellness

ProEducationToys:  What would you like etched on your tombstone?

Fuel Baby:   Carpe Diem--live the present moment always

ProEducationToys:  Which products do you love to promote?

Fuel Baby:   Fuelbaby, of course!  Fuelbaby is a unique baby bottle that allows you to pre-fill and release powdered formula with just the push of a button. It not only saves you time, but it also provides your child with fresh, ready-to-drink formula whenever he or she is ready.

ProEducationToysWhat makes your bottle different from other bottles?

Fuel Baby:   The Fuelbaby bottle is leak-proof, BPA-free, and utilizes the anti-colic air system. In addition, our patent-pending powder compartment features a soft silicon ring that releases the formula into the bottle for superior mixing results.

ProEducationToys:  What inspires you on a daily basis?

Fuel Baby:   The miracle of being alive and to create the future while living to my full potential

ProEducationToys:  How does your product help children and families?

Fuel Baby:   It brings convenience to mothers in their daily, busy life.

ProEducationToys:  What is the one accomplishment of which you are most proud?

Fuel Baby:   Although it is a team effort, the launch of FuelBaby. The whole process of seeing the idea translated into a physical reality has been a dream come true.

ProEducationToys: What unique talents do you think you have?

Fuel Baby:   Intuition and the ability to open channels of creativity

ProEducationToys:  What matters to you?

Fuel Baby:   To have a purpose that goes beyond my existence, to love and to be loved

ProEducationToys:  What is it about your business that makes you the most excited?

Fuel Baby:   Adding to the happiness of mothers around the world

ProEducationToys:  What is the best decision you have ever made?

Fuel Baby:   To get out of my comfort zone, so that miracles can happen! 

  Blog Administrator:  Trisha Roberts

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