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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Balance Bikes by Trisha Roberts

A recent addition to the biking scene comes in the form of a bicycle known as the ‘strider’ or ‘balance’ bike.  There are several companies that produce a line of these bikes for young children.  
Balance Bike Strider Bike
Balance or Strider Bike

Learning to ride a traditional bike is a complicated skill requiring the acquisition of several sub-skills. There are 4 basic components to learning to ride a bike:  keeping feet on the pedals, balancing, coordination or the smooth, reciprocal motion of the lower extremities (legs), and steering.  All of these components need to be present to ride a standard bike.

The beauty of a balance or strider bike is that it removes the need to keep one’s feet on the pedals and move them in a reciprocal fashion; in fact there are no pedals or drive chain on a strider bike. A child is basically learning to balance on two wheels while seated on the bike. They use their feet to propel themselves forward (Stride) and can place their feet on the ground for balance when needed. They learn to steer and balance in a controlled, safe way that is extremely fun and enjoyable rather than the tense, scary way many of us learned in our youth. 

Learning to ride a tricycle involves significant training and input from and adult.  Most children are able to climb on Balance Bike and take off; many claim that the transition to a regular bike occurs much sooner than children learning on a tricycle and later on a bicycle with training wheels.

The balance bike eliminates the need to achieve all four components of biking at once; they can concentrate on balance and steering.  This makes a Balance Bike a simpler and safer way to get a young child started down the biking path! The whole family, from youngest to oldest,  can enjoy a day biking in the park. Check out the Balance Bikes and Helmets we offer on our website. Click Here!

Author:  Trisha Roberts

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